sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2008

Braves Brotherhood

A Brave Dog writes:

VII - Junina party
apple of the love, to represent the same; lining to dance with the heart juntinho (as the genital ones); peace. (in the truth I am moving of subject. to recommence)

The box of sound in the foot of its ear. The immense lines.
The minimum space pra to walk with a quentão in each hand, the attempt of embebedar that one friend-of - friend-of - the friend who is good looking and for some strange reason is giving you soft.
The infernais children playing traques pra there and pra here, making a infernal racket and blowing up things.

That one ninfeta that you follow with the look one 3 seconds, until seeing to open it the mouth in direction to the soil… e that alcohol puddle with salsichão if forming in the soil to its front. There it comes one Lady, probably the mother of the creature, who enters the shame and the sadness for its son to drink and for not to know to drink goes to hold the hair of ninfetinha. But the only thing that thinks is in the addition of ninfeta and its salsichão.

Its friend looks at palco pro and sees ones known trying to dance something, there it is infuriated and goes to see what he is. One minute later you hears singing in the microphone some music of trip, and the others dancing, feeling themselves embarrassed by not having foreseen that.

Until, in the way it hell, you if surprises. Education sees that girls of average, that it does not see has one 2 years already (since that it was formed) and finish in a table talking, until pq you still has its group of friends of the college, who folloied it in that day. All are glad of if seeing, because the youngsters always had even wanted to catch those girls same.

Vocês continues talking e BUM! but one traque e a fumaceira. The chaos returns. Small capetas, that after the industrial revolution died to mounts when working in construction of warlike armament. Agora nãããooo… they have until a statute and the only souvenir that we have of the old ones and good times are a film of a boy if rubbing in the Xuxa, or better, it if rubbing in it. Call Love, sublime love. Tb has the Old Fisher. The life, later calls evolution.


Tá legal. É uma tradução tosca. Burra. Mas eu gostei pra caramba de fazer isso com o Confraria. Tem um custo pra adicionar o serviço, mas é bem bacana.
Tá aqui

Escolhi esse texto do Paulinho por que, estranhamente, uma parte dele me faz imaginar uma dança de genitais...
Tá. Vou levar isso pra análise.

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